About Independent Music Publishers Cooperative

"This is no ordinary group! The composers of imp.coop are innovative --- writing music of depth and quality. I have had the pleasure of conducting (even commissioning) some of the work in this catalog. It is my hope that other conductors realize the strength of this music as well as the convenience of this website!" - Dr. Matthew Culloton, The Singers--Minnesota Choral Artists

Thank you for visiting!

Our mission at Independent Music Publishers Cooperative (imp.coop), is to provide musicians like you with access to outstanding self-published sheet music. As a collection of composers seeking an affordable, direct way to reach our customers, we'd like to say thank you, we're glad you're here!

Each of us here at imp.coop is, first and foremost, a composer, working each day to write commissioned music, attend rehearsals, and serve as resident composers with ensembles, arts programs and music festivals. But in addition to that, we are also our own publishers. For us, conceiving and composing the music is just the beginning! Then we engrave, proof, edit, print, fold, staple, process orders, ship, and invoice. This takes a lot of resources, often with little left for letting the world know our music exists at all, which is perhaps as crucial as writing it.

So we've decided to band together to experiment with this new way to market and distribute our music. Imp.coop's cooperative structure lets our composers retain total control of their own publishing businesses while taking care of some of the marketing, so composer-publishers can focus on their favorite job: writing great music!

This shared website is a guide to our best work, a hub where conductors, performers, and other musicians can search all of our catalogs simultaneously, knowing that whatever they find will be a remarkable product: well-conceived, well-crafted, and professionally produced.

You may find us exhibiting together at conventions, holding reading sessions, or perhaps doing something we haven't thought of yet (any ideas?). Please let us know how we're doing! Send us an email, sign-up for our newsletter, and if you see us around, do stop by and say "hi!"

We believe in each others' work and hope you will too. Please enjoy this resource for remarkable music (if we do say so ourselves).


Abbie Betinis, Edie Hill, Elizabeth Alexander, J. David Moore, Joan Szymko,
Jocelyn Hagen, Linda Tutas Haugen, and Tim Takach (the composers of imp.coop)