Want to peruse FULL scores? Our composer-publishers sell music directly to you, through the links on their Works pages here, and through their own individual websites...with one exception:

We have a limited number of sampler packets available from the National ACDA conference.

These collections of full sheet music scores are going fast, but you can buy yours here until they're gone!

Women's Chorus Packet
$13.95 (value $15.50)

Elizabeth Alexander, When the Song of the Angels is Stilled (SSAA a cap.)
Abbie Betinis, Hail, Christmas Day! (SSAA a cap.)
Jocelyn Hagen, In the Lavender Stillness of Dawn (SSA, violin, cello, piano)
Linda Tutas Haugen, Holy, Holy, Holy (SSA, piano/harp, opt. 2 flutes)
Linda Tutas Haugen, Sunshine and Cloudless Sky (SSAA, piano)
Edie Hill, Splash! Leap! (SSAA, piano)
J. David Moore, Earth Blessing (SSAA, piano)
Joan Szymko, O Lux Beatissima (SSAA a cap.)
Timothy C. Takach (Graphite Publishing), Queen of the Range (SA, piano)
Men's Chorus Packet
$13.95 (value $16)

Elizabeth Alexander, Where There Is Light In the Soul (TBB a cap.)
Abbie Betinis, Abraham Lincoln Walks at Midnight (TTBB, piano, snare drum)
Graphite Publishing, Eric William Barnum, I Come Singing (TTBB, shaman drum)
Jocelyn Hagen, Agnus Dei (TTB, baritone solo, a cap.)
Edie Hill, ~Marvellous Error!~ (TBB and unison chorus a cap.)
J. David Moore, Seinn O (TTBB div. a cap.
Joan Szymko, I Look Long and Long (TBB, piano)
Timothy C. Takach, What I Have Done (TTBB, baritone solo, a cap.)
SATB Sacred Packet
$13.95 (value $17.95)

Elizabeth Alexander, For So the Children Come (SATB, piano)
Abbie Betinis, Song of the Pines (SATB a cap)
Graphite Publishing, Matthew Culloton, Two Carols (SATB a cap)
Jocelyn Hagen, Veni, Sancte Spiritus (SATB a cap)
Linda Tutas Haugen, Laudamus Te (SATB, piano)
Edie Hill, For God So Loved the World (SATB, piano)
J. David Moore, From Creation's Start (SATB, piano, opt. bodhran)
Joan Szymko, There Shall Be Christmas Day (SATB, div a cap)
Timothy C. Takach, A Worshipper and a Man (SSATBB a cap)
SATB Secular Packet
$13.95 (value $19.65)

Elizabeth Alexander, Life is Not a Garden (SATB, piano)
Abbie Betinis, Songs of Smaller Creatures: III.Envoi (SATB div. a cap)
Eric William Barnum (Graphite Publishing), The White Birds (SATB div. a cap)
Jocelyn Hagen, Ophelia (SATB div. a cap)
Linda Tutas Haugen, I Cannot Forget You (SATB, 2 violins, piano)
Edie Hill, A Birthday (SATB div., a cap.)
J. David Moore, Lion of the Heart (SATB, piano)
Joan Szymko, The Freshness (SATB, harp)
Timothy C. Takach, Where Beauty Comes From (SATB, piano)