Visit our booth at North Central ACDA!

Dates: Wed Feb 8 (9pm) - Sat Feb 11 (10:30am)
Location: lobby of Overture Center for the Arts, Madison, Wisconsin


Don't miss our exhibit at North Central ACDA this week! Find fantastic music from our eight composer-publishers at Independent Music Publishers Cooperative:

Elizabeth Alexander (Seafarer Press)
Abbie Betinis           (Abbie Betinis Music Co.)
Jocelyn Hagen         (JH Music)
Linda Tutas Haugen (Ephraim Bay Publishing)
Edie Hill                   (Hummingbird Press)
J. David Moore         (Fresh Ayre Music)
Joan Szymko            (Viriditas Press)
Timothy C. Takach   (

* Browse over 250 titles that you won't find anywhere else at the convention!
* In a hurry? Simply pick up a prepared packet of our new issues organized by voicing.
* Enjoy our iPod listening stations as you follow along in the score.
* Purchase scores and CDs by check, cash or credit card.
* Stay and chat with our composers.


PLUS: We're again teaming up with Graphite Publishing (music of Ola Gjeilo, Paul Ayres, Matthew Culloton, and more) to share a luxurious 3-booth exhibit and one register. Find everything you need for your upcoming programming in ONE place: Independent Music Publishers Cooperative (next to Graphite Publishing).


But you don't have to take our word for it:

Video: Emily Ellsworth "I think it's fantastic!"

Video: Jerry McCoy "I really like this idea"

Video: John Muehleisen "A cooperative is the answer - it's really great"

Video: Reg Unterseher "I think this is where the future of publishing is going to be"

Video: Michael Culloton "I'm so proud of the work they're doing..."

We look forward to meeting you in Madison!


Abbie Betinis
(on behalf of all of us at