Everyday Sorrows, Everyday Joys (Chamber Version)


I. Bubbles, bubbles II. The Colors That I Like to Eat III. Sick Day IV. Being Cool V. A Joyful Day

SA, piano, woodblocks (children's choir)

Five songs celebrating the ups and downs of life -- from the joys of bubble baths and ice cream, to the frustrations of sick days and taunting. Written collaboratively with elementary students, the styles are as eclectic and vibrant as a roomful of children! Songs may be performed individually or as a set.

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The Society for New Music, Composers-in-the-Schools Residency Program. Syracuse, NY
Text Author or Source: 
Elizabeth Alexander

"Everyday Sorrows, Everyday Joys"
Lyrics by Elizabeth Alexander and
students from Salem-Hyde Elementary School

I. Bubbles, bubbles
based on poems by Angel Myers and Danielle Corapi
Bubbles, bubbles everywhere,
In my bath and in my hair.
I want to stay in for an hour or two.
(I hope they stay out of my eyes.)
Bubbles, bubbles everywhere,
In my house and in the air.
I want to stay in for a day or two.
(I hope they stay out of my mouth.)
Floating in and out, riding up and down,
I hope the bubbles get me clean
While they're dancing all around,
'Cause if they don't I'll wear a frown.

II. The Colors That I Like To Eat
based on poems by Tiera Betsey and Marticia Bennett
These are the colors that I like to eat:
Red is strawberries and apples, too.
Yellow is bananas and french fries, ooooh.
Green is pickles and pears, okay!
Orange is mangos and carrots, hooray!
Purple is raisins and grapes, oh my!
Blue is blueberries and blueberry pie!
Brown is hamburgers, what a treat!
But most of all I love to eat
All different colors of ice cream!
These are the colors that I like to eat!

III. Sick Day
based on a poem by Dina Gianoulis, Alexis O'Connor and Kristyn Fontana
I'm really sick today.
I cannot go to school.
I feel so very strange.
I think I'm burning up.
Hurry, hurry I need a drink.
Can you bring a cough drop too?
Hurry, hurry, I need a tissue.
Mommy, mommy what to do?
I'm so bored. I'm so bored.
I feel very very tired
And I want to just collapse.

IV. Being Cool
based on poems by Tracy Koval and Chris Woelfel
I was trying to be cool
In the hallway after school
A little kid was walkin' by
And I stuck my foot out just to try
I tripped the kid
and he looked as if he might cry.
This is not cool -- you're actin' like a fool.
Don't get in a fight -- you know it is not right.
I learned my lesson.
(And I'm not guessin'!)
That being thoughtless and being mean
Won't get me anywhere; it's a real bad scene.
Now I'm being cool the right way 'til the end!

V. A Joyful Day
based on a poem by Cary Blanding
Last week I had a joyful day!
I read a book, I sang a song,
I smelled a flower...
My head was happy.
Last week I had a joyful day!
I threw a ball, I lifted weights,
I climbed a tree...
My arms were tired.
I drank some juice, I ate an apple,
Last week I had a joyful day!
I ran a race, I rode my bike,
I helped a friend...
My heart felt good.
Last week I had a joyful day!
I marched uphill, and ran right home,
and soaked in a hot bath...
My body felt great from my head to my toes!

© 1998 by Elizabeth Alexander