For So the Children Come

SATB, piano

An atmosphere of mystery, timelessness and joy permeates this moving celebration of new life. Piquant harmonies and understated Latin rhythms create a stunning backdrop for Sophia Fahs' lyrical text, culminating in an affirmation which reaches far beyond Christmas: "Each night a child is born is a holy night " A time for singing, a time for wondering, a time for worshipping.


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Voces Novae et Antique; Robert Ross, conductor. Philadelphia, PA
Concert Pro Femina Choir; Mattie Banzhaf, conductor. Hartford, CT
New Jersey Gay Men's Chorus; Steven Russell, conductor. Titusville & Plainfield, NJ
Minnesota Center Chorale; J. Michele Edwards, conductor. Collegeville, MN
Millsaps College Choir; Timothy Coker, conductor. Jackson, MS
Maui Symphony Chorus; Celia Canty, conductor. Maui, HI


"I heard plenty of wonderful music between Thanksgiving and Twelfth Night, as I usually do. For So the Children Come was the most personally moving piece I encountered." Broad Street Review (Philadelphia)

"The close personal resonance between the composer and the words of Fahs is apparent in [this] skillfully worked out setting for choir and piano...The opening arpeggios...symbolize the perpetual descent of the divine at each and every birth. - Watson Bosler, Gregg Smith Singers

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Sophia Lyon Fahs

"For So the Children Come"
Poem by Sophia Lyon Fahs

For so the children come
And so they have been coming.
Always in the same way they come
born of the seed of man and woman.

No angels herald their beginnings.
No prophets predict their future courses.
No wisemen see a star to show where to find the babe
that will save humankind.

Yet each night a child is born is a holy night,
Fathers and mothers -
sitting beside their children's cribs
feel glory in the sight of a new life beginning.

They ask, "Where and how will this new life end?
Or will it ever end?"

Each night a child is born is a holy night -
A time for singing,
A time for wondering,
A time for worshipping.

© by Unitarian-Universalist Association. Reprinted by permission.