Go Out!

SATB, piano

Preaching a gospel of unconditional love, the words of early American minister John Murray are as relevant and refreshing today as they were during his own time. Composer Elizabeth Alexander brings her Appalachian roots and inventive ear to this rousing song of commission, with sweet gospel harmonies and a soulful piano accompaniment.


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Jason Shelton & Friends, National Conference of Unitarian Universalist Musicians Network, Madison, WI
Unity Singers; Ruth Palmer, conductor. Saint Paul, MN

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John Murray

"Go Out!"
Text by John Murray
Abridged by composer Elizabeth Alexander

Go out into the highways and by-ways
And give the people something of your new vision.

You may possess only a small light, but uncover it and let it shine.
Use it to bring more understanding to the hearts and minds of men.

Give them not Hell, but hope and courage.
Do not push them deeper into their despair,
But preach the kindness and the everlasting love of God.

Abridged lyric © 2009 by Elizabeth Alexander