If You Can Walk You Can Dance (SAB)

SAB, piano, claves

An optimistic Zimbabwean proverb sets the stage for this contagiously joyful Latin dance song. This best-selling piece is full of surprises, including a brief a cappella interlude, some finger snapping, and a five second "break" during which the chorus members all just talk!


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Commissioned By: 
Farmington High School Friends of Music. Farmington, CT
Premiere Conductor: 
Scott Campbell

Winner, Euphonia Vocal Composition Competition


Hundreds of Choirs, including:
All-City Elementary Festival Youth Chorus (Barry Elmore, conductor. Chicago, IL
Connecticut Music Educators Conference Middle School Honors Choir; Sal Cicciarella, conductor. East Hartford, CT
Coro Infantile del Conservatorio de Mieres, Reyes Duarte, conductor. Red Cross Benefit Concert, Mieres, SPAIN
Association of Music in International Schools Middle School Honor Choir; Darlene Elkins, conductor. Munich, GERMANY
Durham All-County High School Chorus; Rodney Wynkoop, conductor. Durham, NC
Kantorei: The Singing Boys of Rockford, IL; Joel Ross, conductor. Parapolis, Petropoli & Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL
TransVoices; Dorothy Williams, conductor. Minneapolis, MN
Amadeus Chorale Cantorei Singers; Darla Bair, conductor. Rochester, NY
Senior Division All-State Choir; Paul Rardin, conductor. VMA Center for the Arts, Providence, RI
Minnetonkoa Middle School West Choir; Jennifer Evenson, conductor. Minnetonka, MN
Oak Creek East Middle School Choir; Tanya Anderson, conductor. Oak Creek, WI
Lunenberg Middle School Choir; Kyla Silver, conductor. Dodwell, VA
Capital Pride Singers; Joseph Eppink, conductor. Schenectady & Albany, NY
Blake School Choirs; Dan LeJeune, conductor. Minnesota Music Educators Association Conference, Minneapolis, MN
Common Chords; Elizabeth Alexander, conductor. Ithaca, NY
Euphonia!; Brenda Kayne, conductor. Overland Park, KS
Pzazz! of Moriarty Middle School; Denise Baccadutre, conductor. Moriarty, NM
Seton Hill College Choir; Marvin Hulls, conductor. Greensburg, PA

Text Author or Source: 
Zimbabwean proverb

"If You Can Walk You Can Dance"
Text: Zimbabwean proverb

If you can walk you can dance,
If you can talk you can sing.