Circle of the River

SS and percussion

This piece explores the linear and cyclical aspects of flowing water, and pays homage to the great Mississippi River. The linear and cyclical parts of the piece mimic the flow of the river from one point to another and the cycle of rain and evaporation that happens simultaneously. It was commissioned by the American Composers Forum for Minnesota's Sesquicentennial, and premiered at the Minnesota State Fair by the Minneapolis Youth Chorus.

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Commissioned By: 
Minnesota Voices, sponsored by the American Composers Forum in celebration of Minnesota's Sesquicentennial
Premiere Ensemble: 
Minneapolis Youth Chorus
Premiere Conductor: 
Patrice Arasim
Text Author or Source: 
Noah Keesecker

Circle of the River

How long has our history run?
How far does the water flow?
The circle of the river carries more
Than we will ever know.

Oh Great River, Mississippi,
Your waters carry life and memory.

Circle, cycle, river, water
Oh Great Mississippi
Circle, cycle, river, water
Boundless Mississippi.

How long has the river run?
How far has our history come?
The circle of the river carries
Everything back to its home.

Text used by permission.