From Me and America Sent

TTBB and piano

The text for this piece is an excerpt from Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass. It is a toast from America to the world, recognizing the splendor of the entire earth and how each nation is only a tiny part of the whole. Whitman talks about foreign lands as being a part of his own body, exploring how the earth exists in all of us and how that connects us as citizens of the world. A terrific piece to take on an international tour!


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The University of Michigan Men's Glee Club
Premiere Ensemble: 
The University of Michigan Men's Glee Club
Premiere Conductor: 
Paul Rardin
Text Author or Source: 
Walt Whitman

Text adapted from "Salut au Monde!"
from Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass

I see a great round wonder rolling through space,
I see the shaded part on one side where the sleepers are sleeping, and the sunlit part on the other side,
I see distant lands, as real and near to the inhabitants of them as my land is to me.

Within me latitude widens, longitude lengthens,
Asia, Africa, Europe, are to the east - America is provided for in the west,
Banding the bulge of the earth winds the hot equator,
Curiously north and south turn the axis-ends,
Within me is the longest day, the sun wheels in slanting rings, it does not set for months,
Stretch'd in due time within me the midnight sun just rises above the horizon and sinks again,
Within me zones, seas, cataracts, forests, volcanoes, groups,
Malaysia, Polynesia, and the great West Indian islands.

All you continentals of Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, indifferent of place!
All you on the numberless islands of the archipelagoes of the sea!
And you of centuries hence when you listen to me!
Health to you! good will to you all, from me and America sent!