At Such a Dizzy Height

SATB, tenor solo, cello, violin, piano

This lush SATB piece, featuring tenor solo, violin and cello accompanies the finale of Robin Lane's (Do Jump! Artistic Director) stunning 90 minute work of aerial dance, circus arts, video, and live music drawing inspiration from the paintings of Marc Chagall. Lane's adaptation of Chagall's own words forms the text. (audio sample begins a M85)

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Commissioned By: 
Do Jump! Movement Theater
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special project choir / piece recorded for multiple stagings
Premiere Conductor: 
Joan Szymko

Many thanks to Craig Johnson and to Harmonia Mundi for taking time during Conspirare's Samuel Barber sessions to record “Dizzy Height” for DoJump!'s 2012 run on Broadway at the New Victory Theater in NYC.


“ethereal vocal music by Joan Szymko” - New York TImes

Text Author or Source: 
Marc and Bella Chagall / adapted by Robin Lane
English / French

We float, we go the window
We want to fly out
the walls spin all around us
We fly out over fields full of flowers
over rooftops, over tightly shuttered houses
We dream secret dreams, thirsting for love

Now, the candle flares up to the moon
Now, the moon flies down to our arms
the very road prays, the houses weep
the sky sails past on all sides.
The stars come out, they are my stars
They journey out with me,
they wait for me until I return

The stars come out, they are my stars
my sweet stars
Poor things, forgive me
I've left you alone up there at
such a dizzy height.

Our dreams, (Nos rêves)
our secret dreams (Nos rêves secrets)
they thirst for love (soif d'amour)
only for love.