Be It Therefore Resolved

SATB, ten / bar / mezzo-sop soli, pno, vc, vn

Composer Joan Szymko and poet Kim Stafford both approach writing as: "tikkun olam"— the healing of the world. This powerful SATB setting of Stafford's poem on meeting hopelessness with courage and resolve begins with shouts of "fire" and sounds of chaos and is transformed into an anthem of great beauty and unity. See full text below.

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The Congressional Chorus
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Premiere Ensemble: 
The Congressional Chorus
Premiere Conductor: 
David Simmons

"The chorus and soloists were THRILLED with your piece and really enjoyed singing it, and as you can hear from the audience reaction, the audience LOVED your piece!" -David SImmons, director, The Congressional Chorus

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Kim Stafford; "Friend: Download This Free Proclamation for Local Use "

Whereas the world is a house on fire;
Whereas the nations are filled with shouting;
Whereas hope seems small, sometimes
a single bird on a wire
left by migration behind.
Whereas kindness is seldom in the news
and peace an abstraction
while war is real;
Whereas my words are all I have;
Whereas my life is short;
Whereas I am afraid;
Whereas I am free—despite all
fire and anger and fear;
Be it therefore resolved a song shall
be my calling– a song
not yet made shall be vocation
and peaceful words the work
of my remaining days.