Despertar al Amor   (Awaken to Love)

SSAA, cello, piano, large frame drum or surdo

Despertar al Amor was created especially for a concert en- titled: "Paths of Miracles." Mark Sirett, Cantabile Women's Chorus Director, asked me to compose a new work in Spanish for a program that would be an exploration of sacred and secular music of Spain tracing a path long El Camino de Santiago—the Way of St. James.

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Cantabile Women's Chorus, Kingston ON
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Cantabile Women's Chorus, Kingston ON
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Mark Sirett
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Buddah, traditional Camino greeting , Teresa of Ávila
Spanish, Galician

Despertar al Amor  
Antes de caminar, Antes de poder viajar el camino 
debes ser el camino mismo. 

Ultreia!  Suseia!  

Y no está la cosa en pensar mucho, sino en amar mucho;
y así lo que más os despertare a amar, eso haced.

Despertar!  Despertar!   
Despertar al amor.


Awaken to Love
Before you can travel the path
You must become the itself path  (Buddha)

We go beyond - and we go up [to Santiago] (traditional greeting of Camino pilgrims)

And the thing is not to think much, but to love much;
and so do that which most stirs you to love.   (St Teresa)

Awaken! Awaken! Awaken to Love.  (summary)