As The Sunflower Turns on Her God

SSAATTBB a cappella

“As the Sunflower Turns on Her God” translates two related mathematical concepts into music - the golden ratio and the Fibonacci sequence. The golden ratio occurs naturally in things like roses, pinecones, and other plants. It is also believed to be one of the most aesthetically pleasing proportions and is sought after and desired in art, architecture, and in this and few other cases, music.

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As the Sunflower Turns on Her God
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The Singers - Minnesota Choral Artists
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Matthew Culloton, conductor
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Fibonacci (Leonardo of Pisa)
Greek, Latin

ena, stigme, hex, ena, okto,
zephyron, treis, treis, ennea, okto,
okto, hepta, tettara, ennea, okto,
ennea, tettara, okto, tettara, okto,
dyo, zephyron, tettara, pente, okto,
hex, okto, treis, tettara, treis,
hex, pente, hex, treis, okto,
ena, ena, hepta, hepta, dyo,
zephyron, treis, zephyron, ennea, ena,
hepta, ennea, okto, zephyron, pente,

(quintet) hepta, hex, dyo, okto, hex,
dyo, ena, treis, pente, tettara,

(tutti) tettara, okto, hex, dyo, dyo,
hepta, zephyron, pente,
dyo, hex, zephyron,
tettara, hex, dyo, okto, ena,
(okto, ennea, zephyron, dyo, tettara,
tettara, ennea, hepta,)
- decimal equivalent of Phi

Quidam posuit unum par cuniculorum in quodam loco,
qui erat undique pariete circumdatus, ut sciret,
quot ex eo paria germinarentur in uno anno.
- Fibonacci (Leonardo of Pisa)
- sung in Greek


- decimal equivalent of Phi

A certain person placed one pair of rabbits in a certain place
that was on all sides surrounded by a wall, so that he might learn,
how many pairs would be produced from it in one year.
- trans. Anne Groton