Where Beauty Comes From

SATB, piano

"Where Beauty Comes From" is an anthem to the individuality of each child. "One day I'll make all the difference in the world, you will see." Each of these children is beautiful. They are able to find hope in the most unusual places. They find healing in their families, in their friends, and in the music and dreams inside of them.

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Commissioned for Healing and Hope Through Song, a program of the American Composers Forum, with partial funding provided by Saint Paul Cultural STAR.
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Minnesota Boychoir
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Mark Johnson
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Julia Klatt Singer

Lying on our backs, somewhere a guitar plays
we sing along, no words,
just a song all our own.

Sometimes the only thing moving are your eyes,
to the beat of a drum.
What song do you see?
A darting bird? The sun's hello?
Where beauty comes from?

We flicker like fireflies, we shine
Stars to guide us above,
we all want to matter, just want
To be loved.

Breathe in and hold it
breathe out and let it go
Sometimes we've got to improvise,
just sing a song all our own.

sometimes I've got to back away
sometimes I need to hear you say
this with me

sometimes my life's
an uncertainty
but one day I'll make all
the difference, you will see
in the world
you will see

close your eyes now, imagine
how this world could spin
open them and tell me
where beauty comes from

breathe in
and hold it
breathe out...